Slide 1 SINTESI The architectural office/company of architects SINTESI was founded and operates by 1992 Based in Italia and branches Greece our-company-2 logo-slider More Slide 1 Private projects
This category presents the studies carried out by SINTESI as a company or by the partners of the company.Refering of projects private sector
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Slide 1 Block of flats This category includes high-rise buildings that have been constructed and studied by our company and have been implemented by ourselves with the system of compensation. POLIKATOIKIA-slider logo-slider More Slide 1 Public urban planning This category presents all the studies that have been done by SINTESI and its occasional partners but also that has been done by the company in collaboration with departments A.R.T.E and P.A.U of the university MEDITERRANEA of ReggioCALABRIA. sldier-dimosia-poleodomika logo-slider See Projects Slide 1 BOOKS OF IDEAS The studies that are included in the above category have to do with various ideas that have emerged all these years , from Sintesi and its collaborators and whether they have been implemented or not, but they always remain up to date. logo-slider More

[basic principles ]

Our philosophy

The basic philosophy of our studio is to create individual, aesthetically impressive solutions for our clients with a rapid development of projects that use unique styles.

1.We ensure the success of the project
2.We share a common vision
3.We manage the construction with professionalism
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